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Rules and Regulations

Golf Rules

* Golfers must be properly dressed on the golf course and in the Pro Shop.

* Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

* Outside coolers are not permitted at any time.

* All alcohol at Black Swan CC must be bought from the clubhouse or the beverage cart on the course. Outside alcohol of any kind is not allowed. 

* Metal Spikes are not allowed on the golf course.

* Each golfers must play with their own set of golf clubs and golf bag.

* There shall be no more than four golfers to a group.

* All golfers must register and/or pay in the Pro Shop.

* Golfers will not be allowed to tee off without presenting a current receipt to the starter.

* The starter is responsible for player management and will join players together. 

* Permission is required if you want to play the back nine.

* Golfers are expected to be courteous and follow all general etiquette.

* Harassing or verbally abusing other golfers and the golf course staff will not be tolerated.

* Proper pace of play must be maintained; if you are out of position the ranger will notify you, failure to maintain a proper pace of play may lead to your removal from the golf course.

* Rainchecks are issued when weather conditions are unsafe or make the golf course unplayable.

* If you cannot make your tee time, please alert the Pro Shop within 24 hours to avoid a no-show charge.

* Our maximum pace of play for 18-Holes is 4 hours and 30 minutes. If your group cannot maintain this pace of play you will be asked to skip holes and/or be removed from the course. 

Cart Rules

* Golfers must have a valid drivers license to rent and operate a golf cart (learners permits are not acceptable).

* No more than two players in each golf cart.

* No alerting of the golf carts at any time.

* All signs related to the use of the golf course must be obeyed at all times

* Do not drive the golf carts close to the tee boxes or greens.

* When cart path only rules are in effect, please keep all four wheels on the cart path.

* Renters are responsible for any damage done to the golf cart; including injury to others and/or damage to the golf carts.

* Only golfers who have paid for the golf cart rental are permitted to ride in the golf cart.

* Golfers must adhere to the instructions of the staff. The Black Swan staff reserves the right to revoke cart privileges to anyone not complying with golf cart rules and regulations.

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